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Greg Paynter

My lifes curiosity and passion has been at the intersection of things, exploring social and technical systems, seeking conversations and exploring the way people and cultures form identities and memory.

The journey has let me share many amazing stories including; stories with a Canadian Poet on Isla de los Micos in the Colombian Amazon, journies into identity in the Australian outback. Finding frendship and family in Kuala Telang in Pahang provence West Malaysia. Pioneering histories in Burra and Onkaparinga in South Australia. Sharing in memories of dating and courtship in Rasht in Northern Iran. Conversations about Mongolian Independence, Brazilian politics and many many more.

The Historical Memory Project comes out of these experiences, culminating in the belief that sharing stories is a powerful and transformative experience that enrich lives, help us understand each other and grow both as individual and as a society.

This project is an invitation to chat, share in good council a cup of tea and a sticky bun and explore a historical memory.

I look forward to sharing our collective historical memories together.

Greg Paynter

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